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Owner & Graphic Design Teacher

My mind never stops racing. I read 3 books at a time, and rarely finish any of them. I always buy a new planner every year and have yet to put a drop of ink in any one of them. This year is no different. I'll keep you posted on whether that changes or not!

I am a lover of all things colour, and extremely passionate about good design. I have been designing graphics well before I even knew there was a word for it. Seriously, I created the "logo" for my homeroom class in grade 7. I entered a contest to design an after school club "logo" when I was 8. I used to submit those newspaper art contests and no joke, I used to sit with my art set following along while watching Bob Ross on Sunday afternoons. ps. I'm probably way older than you!

I have over 15 years experience in graphic design but I probably started out just like you. I had very little idea what I was doing but I tried to DIY it all the way. Until I quickly realized, if I was going to do this as a career or as part of a job, I needed formal training. Plus, I messed up pretty hardcore the first time I sent a huge job to print and {almost} paid for it dearly. What I learned from that experience has been permanently etched in my mind. If I can help you avoid a mega mistake like that, I will have done my duty!

I actually started my love affair with graphic design after graduating from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations & Marketing. In my first role as Marketing Coordinator for a non-profit organization, I quickly learned that the graphic design needs of the organization were not being properly met. It was bad. So I designed something in an attempt to help but ended up making it worse since I basically had no clue what I was doing. But like you, I thought "how hard can it be?"

From there, I quickly enrolled in an online New Media and Design school based out of New York City. That gave me the basic foundation I needed, but I wanted even more. Once I graduated, I returned to Ottawa to continue my graphic design education at Algonquin College.

Shortly after, the call of South Georgia was once again too loud to ignore so I packed up my bags and moved to Savannah where I worked in graphic design for almost 10 years. I finally decided to move back to Ottawa 6 years ago to be closer to my family. Every winter, I ask myself WHY {dear god, why?} I moved back to Ottawa. No really, why? The good news is, I try to visit my peeps and the ocean as often as I can.  

Check out my awesome team... When I'm busy teaching, these super, talented designers are my front line for getting your fabulous graphics designed and in your hands as soon as humanly possible. 

Junior Design Assistant

Adriana joined Butter & Honey in 2014. She recently graduated with honours from the three-year graphic design program at Algonquin College. She loves every aspect of design and looks forward to each new challenge. Web development and branding have been a life long passion for her.

Adriana also has a background in interior design with a Bachelor’s Degree specializing in Applied Arts from Algonquin College. When not focusing on design she loves baking everything from cupcakes to cookies and will take any excuse to try out a new recipe!

Part-time Junior Designer

Laura is a quirky designer, movie lover and excellent latte maker. Art lover from a very young age, it wasn't until high school that she found her true passion in design and attended Algonquin College.

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