Create your own designs. Get professional feedback.

Do you struggle with your DIY Designs? Not sure if they are up to par? I can help!

  • Submit your 1-page design for feedback.
  • I evaluate the design and offer easy-to-implement solutions to finesse your design.
  • This will allow you to save money, continue to design your own designs, but you'll get an effective, professional-quality finished product to impress your target audience!

  Are you a DIY Designer but struggle to create an effective, polished design you can be proud of?
A design that elevates and reflects your brand?

​Designing your own eBook covers, facebook ads, worksheets, etc is becoming the norm with the emergence of popular design software like Canva & Picmonkey. However, having the ability to design and knowing the proper way to design to create effective and compelling images are two very different things.

With that in mind, many people often revert to asking for feedback in facebook groups where other DIY designers provide suggestions and feedback. The problem with this advice, while well-meaning, is that it's coming from others who are not formally schooled in the proper techniques, fundamentals, and guidelines involved in effective layout and formatting.

I created this service to provide thorough and easy-to-implement solutions to take your design from something that may be ineffective and possibly damaging to your brand, to a design that focuses on your message in the most organized and elevated way possible, while still allowing YOU to be the designer.

The best part? Once you receive the assessment, you can easily implement the solutions yourself!

What designs are eligible to be assessed?

  • eBook Covers
  • Ads (FB, web, etc)
  • Promotional Items
  • Logos
  • Worksheets (1 per assessment)
  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • eBook pages (1 per assessment)

Who is the ideal candidate for this service?

  • Someone interested in learning proper format
  • Someone open to constructive criticism
  • Someone with a desire to create better designs
  • Someone who wants their DIY designs to elevate their brand

Not only will this be beneficial to the current design you are creating, but you can take the same principles you learn
and use them on all your future designs!

“Rachela’s review of my opt-in offer was so helpful. She was able to give quick and concise feedback and even included a sample with some changes. Incorporating the design changes she recommended gave me a very visually appealing worksheet to offer visitors and has already lead to more opt-ins than before!”

- Jessica (

How much MORE time do you want to
spend creating ineffective designs? 

Stop trying to navigate this yourself. Stop playing with different fonts and colors that don't work together. Stop creating ads with no focus or with too much going on. One of the many problems with designing ads for your own brand or products is that you are so emotionally tied to the outcome and oftentimes can't see the obvious mistakes. These mistakes could be deterring your ideal client from choosing YOU!

Unfortunately, most people do judge a book by it's make sure you've got a gorgeous, captivating "cover" that reflects your brand the way you want it to.

This will allow you to...

Love your Design

When you love your design and take pride in how it reflects your brand, it shows! Capture more attention with a polished & professional design you created.

Elevate your Brand

When your designs reflect your brand in a positive, professional manner, people take notice. Appeal to your ideal target audience with a polished design!

Increase Profits

High-end brands don't DIY. They know the importance of good design when appealing to their target audience. Your new design will speak for itself!

It's time. Get your DIY Design Assessment today!

Take your design from amateur to polished!

Choose this option for:
• 1-page/ad/logo design critique
• Feedback as bullet point list
• Not valid for websites/pages

Choose this option for:
• 1-page/ad/logo design critique
• Thorough sketch with feedback
• Followed by a bullet point list
• Not valid for websites/pages

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What designs are eligible to have assessed?

Can you assess my website or entire eBook?

How does this work?

Can you provide a sketch along with your feedback?