Learn to Create Engaging Online Graphics 

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2   ~   9 AM - 2 PM


Take your online graphics to a new level!


460 W. Hunt Club Road
(Intersection at Merivale)

Karla Briones Owner, Global Pet Foods

Had an awesome time at the Graphic Design Workshop taught by Rachela Brisindi. Any small business owner wanting to learn how to create kick-ass graphics should DEFINITELY attend. Worth. Every. Penny.


  • Small business owners & online entrepreneurs currently designing their own online graphics but are struggling to make them look professional or consistent with their brand
  • Virtual Assistants who create graphics for clients or for themselves
  • Bloggers looking to elevate their blog style and finesse what they're putting out on social media
  • Anyone with a desire to take their online graphic design skills to the next level

In this workshop you will learn graphic design tips & tricks to start creating your own eye-catching online graphics...

Linda LeGroulx Sommelier & Owner, Wine Kitz Ottawa Iris

As a small business owner I depend on the expertise of a talented graphic designer for my design needs. Still, there are many times when I have a small project or unique vision that I need to tackle on the fly myself because of time constraints or financial considerations. Butter & Honey's Design Workshop stepped in to fill that void for me. One day under Rachela Brisindi's tutelage gave me the confidence and tools I needed to create professional, compelling designs to better showcase my brand and products. Tools like this are a boon to small business owners. Thank you for creating this one, Rachela.

In this workshop, you will: 

  • ​Hone your design skills
  • Learn the dos & dont's of design
  • How to watermark your images
  • Remove or clean up the background in your images
  • Dimensions and resizing for various social media platforms
  • Create eye-catching images for your blog and website
  • Create consistent, professional looking social media graphics that get noticed
  • Learn to create shapes, add colours, work with text, and import photos
  • Handy resource guide for finding & pairing fonts, matching colours, and free stock photo sites
  • Graphic design fundamentals and how to incorporate them into your graphics
  • A clear understanding of how to layout and structure your designs
  • One-on-one guidance from me throughout the workshop as needed
  • An opportunity to network & brainstorm with other workshop participants
  • Lunch provided, as well as coffee, tea and water.

Minimum Requirements:

  • ​A laptop with ability to connect to a wifi signal
  • A clear working knowledge of your computer; how to save and access files, navigate your desktop, how to use the keyboard and the mouse (to point and click as well as to highlight and drag objects), be familiar with the functions of the buttons that minimize, maximize, and close tabs and windows, know how to copy, cut, and paste text, as well as e-mail, and web browsing/searching experience.
  • An understanding that graphic design takes practice & being patient with yourself. I can't promise you'll become an expert overnight {no one can!} but you WILL be given the right tools, guidance, and know-how to successfully take your design skills to a new level. 
  • A willingness to learn, brainstorm and create.
  • Please read the FAQs below for more info and cancellation policy.


Frequently Asked Questions.
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Check out these great designs
created by past workshop participants (more coming soon!)

Earleen Garbe Co-Owner, WellsGarbe Productions

My expectations for the workshop were to be able to create simple and quick designs for our events and other promo material. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I was able to learn the basic skills required and even more surprised that I was able to retain those skills even a few days after. I really enjoyed the day, it went by so fast and I felt like I left with so much more experience than before I started. I am still having fun creating new designs every day. Thanks Rachela for a great workshop !


Hello! My name is Rachela (pronounced "Rackella"). I love all things colour and I'm extremely passionate about good design. I've been designing graphics well before I even knew there was a word for it. I have over 15 years of experience as a designer and 7 years running my business - Butter & Honey Graphic Design.

In recent years, I have had the pleasure of mentoring and teaching several interns, students & business owners. The joy and sense of accomplish in my students has given me a new found excitement for what I do. This has prompted me to combine my experience as a graphic designer with my love of teaching and desire to help business owners like you thrive.

I'm excited to be offering courses and workshops, both in person, online and privately, to help you easily and effectively create your graphics in a way that won't negatively affect your brand. My mission is to help you create professional-quality designs to help elevate your business and reach your target audience, in a fun and relaxed environment.

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