Design Resources on a Budget, Part 1

In my workshops and facebook group, I get asked the same questions about where to find great fonts, what programs to use, and how to find inexpensive or free stock photos. Below is Part 1 of my go-to list of resources to help with your design projects. As with all fonts, images, photos, and graphics, please make sure to check the usage rights. ie. If a font is free for use, make sure it's also free for commercial use if you plan on using it for anything related to your business.

Look out for Part 2 next week, which will include the most comprehensive & easiest wordpress theme known to man, programs to easily remove backgrounds from photos, more cheap or free stock photo sites, styled desktop shots, easy social media graphics maker and much more. Stay tuned!

*Some of these are my affiliate links, but I was recommending them long before I became an affiliate. I only became an affiliate because I was like "Hey. I'm recommending the crap out of these resources. I should probably try to make a little extra pocket change from telling everyone I know how awesome they are!"